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Lip Lotion A through H

Lip Lotion A through H
Lip Lotion A through H

From Acai Fruit to Cookies & Cream to Hot Cocoa! Be sure to check the I to Z category for additional flavors such as Sweet Summer Strawberry and Margarita.

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Acai Lip Lotion

All natural acai fruit flavor.

Almond Coconut Lip Lotion

A delicious combination. Photo © Mendelex

Almond Marzipan Lip Lotion

Pure, sweet almond. Photo © Steveheap

Amaretto Lip Lotion

Mmmmm - almond. Photo © Artjazz

Anise Lip Lotion

Single note anise and all natural.

Apple Pie Lip Lotion

Mmmm mmm mmm - apples, cinnamon, sweet. Delicious!

Bacon Lip Lotion

Yes, it really does taste like bacon :-)

Beer Lip Lotion

We laughed when we saw this offered at our supplier and HAD to get it!

Buttery Toffee Lip Lotion

A great new lip lotion flavor!

Candy Apple Lip Lotion

Who can resist ~ crunchy apple with a sugary sweet coating.

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